Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Art or cruelty: Julian Charrière

An "artist" painting pigeons (the actual pigeon) and claiming it is art....bullshit.
Pigeons have a layer on their feathers that protects them from the rain and the cold winters, and when this sadist artist paints their feathers, the oily layer disappears leaving the pigeon with no protection.

The pictures on this "artist" website show perfectly the damage to the coating. The white pigeon that was painted gray is not going to survive next winter. It will freeze to death. Please stop this is not art. http://www.julian-charriere.net/white-dove

The problem is that the feathers have an oily layer that takes a long time to build.  I used to feed them, and I knew which ones will make it through the winter by the way their feather look. This one is not going to make it thanks to a bloody artist.
If you follow the link to the "sadist-artist" you can see very clearly that when the pigeon was white, the feather were perfectly healthy and beautiful, but once the white pigeon was painted gray, the feathers offer no more the protection they are supposed to.